Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Natural Bridges – Trip Day: 8

Sipapu Bridge
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This day had to be one of my favorites. This was a day where I wanted to be cut loose with the boys for about 4 hours. The bridges were all very cool, but exploring around them was the best part.

The first picture, of Owachomo Bridge, was actually the last bridge we saw. We were able to hike down underneath this bridge to check it out. The riverbed was incredible. The scarring and erosion evident was beautiful. I ran around from one area to the next having a blast. We got right down to the standing water at the bottom of the riverbed. I can only imagine what it must be like to see the water crashing through there after a downpour.

The second picture is from the first bridge. The boys and I took a 1.2 mile hike down into the ravine to get a look at the other side. The bridge was nice, but the ravine was cooler. The cliff walls came straight down, then tucked under just above the wide ledge we were walking along. It felt like we were way out in some alien country. We wanted to run and jump and climb everything. This is what boys are made for. When the boys are a bit older, about the time Heyward is stronger than me, we'll have to go back to camp-out and hike the canyons.


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