Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings – Trip Day: 7

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings
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Mesa Verde was our next stop. This series of cliff dwellings is about 1,400 years old.

Most of the dwellings are hanging on the sides of deep canyons. The canyons are so deep that my camera usually failed to take them in from top to bottom—making it hard to see how high they really are. There were also a few dwellings on the tops of the canyons, and some ceremonial buildings.

We got to explore only about 1/3 of the park. We didn't want to do anything that required a lot of walking so that mom and Virginia didn't get left behind too often. All-in-all we put in about 2 hours worth of sightseeing, and about 4 hours of driving. On the way home we stopped at a steakhouse for dinner. I had to be careful about eating too much so I could stay awake on the ride home.


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