Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Road to Monticello – Trip Day: 6

Wukoki Pueblo
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Along the Roadside
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We had no plans for the drive up to Monticello, UT. We knew it would be about 6 hours, and wanted to take a stop or two in along the way.

Right outside Flagstaff, we came upon Sunset Crater Volcano National Park. The park contained the Wukoki and Wupatki pueblos and a not-so-ancient volcano. We spent way too much time in the park, touring both pueblos and generally acting like startled monkeys, stopping to look at everything.

After that we headed north and immediately ran in to the edge of the Painted Desert. We stopped and got out to take pictures. Jane and mom made us swear to keep the stops down to a minimum after that. Which we did, sort of. The outcroppings of rock throughout this area of Utah are nothing short of astonishing to us lowcountry folk.

We tried to go in to the Navajo National Monument, but realizing how late in the day it was, we turned back. It was a shame, too, because had we not spent so much time stopping earlier in the day, Navajo would have been a much more spectacular place to see.


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