Sunday, June 26, 2005

Oak Creek Canyon – Trip Day: 2

Oak Creek Canyon
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We were too tired on the first day for everyone to get a good look around Sedona. So on day 2 we backtracked through Oak Creek Canyon to get a better look around. We stopped at a National Park overlook, but the views just weren't very satisfying.

Dad and I wandered around with the kids while Mom and Jane checked out the native jewelry. Later we regretted not buying more because we never saw another similar lineup of native jewelry offerings.

As we drove on toward Sedona, the views became much more satisfactory. We stopped several times along the way— much to the chagrin of Jane and Mom who weren't as interested in photo ops as Dad and me.

At one point we saw a structure that intrigued us. We stopped and I climbed down into a canyon to get a better look. Instead of a better look, I found a great little creek. It would have been a fine place for a picnic, except that you had to climb down to get to it— something you can't do with a 3-year-old, and a 73-year-old, in tow.

We finally made our way into the town of Sedona around 2pm. After finding a mexican restaurant on the main street, we had a late lunch. Then we checked out the shops across the street.

On our way back home we stopped again along the prettiest part of Oak Creek Canyon, where I took this shot. There were some trails that would have been great for the boys to explore. One went all the way down to a solid rock bank on one side of the river. But we didn't want to push it, or make anyone wait in the car, so we headed for the hotel.


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